The great uncertainty of the Spanish real estate market is a structural problem that requires a structural approach

  1. Start with independent property inspections (IGP, Inspección General de Propiedades) for which we have been established. Always ask the broker or seller for an IGP inspection and include it as a resolutive condition in the pre-agreement that we will send you for FREE by e-mail.
  2. Through the introduction of the IGP knowledge center. It is important that you can verify the information you receive from real estate agents or lawyers. Through the knowledge center we are able to keep you informed through articles, news, real cases, interviews, tips, checklists, etc.
  3. Propose for a secure payment method. Faced with the inexplicable fact that in Spain the payment is made by signing at the Notary, even when there is a risk that there may be problems to transfer the title to the buyer in the Property register! The recommendation of IGP is to use the method “Buy safe in 4 steps“: so that you know exactly what you are paying for when the property is registered in your name.
  4. By means of model agreements in which all basic conditions are standardized, so a lawyer may not devise his own form and content whwere the buyer loses control.
  5. We are allied with an independent arbitration committee that acts in the event of errors by professionals being reported. One of the many forms of IGP control that allows you to ensure, as a buyer, that you will receive the appropriate service.
  6. By introducing the IGP integrity code for professionals, by which you will be sure that the professionals who perform the inspections are committed both the IGP and the client, having signed this Code that regulates their performance.

The basis and value of IGP lies mainly in our integrity and ethics. Values that the professionals involved must adhere to!

The problems in the Spanish real estate market today

  • Buyers in all price ranges are too confident and think that a (well known or most expensive) lawyer will avoid problems
  • Unfamiliarity with the Spanish language, legislation and standards makes foreign buyers extremely vulnerable
  • Many houses, apartments, and plots are problematic (missing documents and permits, illegal construction, overdue taxes, incorrect registration in the Land Registry and Registro de Propiedad, unclear ownership position, etc.)
  • Lack of control and an uncertain legal system is breeding ground for fraud and corruption
  • Misled and hiding information
  • Bureaucracy
  • Lack of ethics among professionals who are more concerned with producing an invoice than their client
  • Incorrect and out-of-date property information on many online portals
  • Insecurity because of not knowing the language

Head administrative department

Nadal Malondra

Economist, 52 years old, born in Santa Margalida, Spain.

Head urbanistic department

Ronny de Graeve

Architect and Official court Surveyor, 59 years old, born in Gent, Belgium.

Head legal department

Juan Navarro

Lawyer, 38 years old, born in Granada, Spain.

Head foreigners department

Ralph de Jong

Marketeer, 52 years old, born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Luz Plazas

Psychologist, 48 years old, born in Bogota, Colombia.

Arbitration Committee

In addition to our own control system, we offer users the opportunity to report errors which we submit to the arbitration committee if necessary. IGP does everything possible to optimize the reliability of the inspections.

The arbitration committee has the task of evaluating errors or complaints and has the option of imposing sanctions, from disciplinary measures to exclusion of professionals from the register.